Meet Your Farmers!

A mother and daughter duo dedicated to offering the community access to local, fresh and nourishing food.

Brittany Jones, Manager of Wild Forks Farm, relocated to Sappho, Washington from Idaho. Her background is in environmental studies and she has spent the last five years working to protect our public lands in the non-profit sector. Her passion for land and community still runs deep, but her focus has shifted to developing a sustainable and healthy food system the community can trust. She lives (and works) full-time immersed in the farming way of life. She looks forward to this new journey ahead and is dedicated to offering the best produce around, grown with hard work and love!

Michelle Simpson, Adviser, Collaborator and Supporter of Wild Forks Farm, is an experienced grower of food and flowers and has lived in Sappho for 11 years.  She participated in the Master Gardener Program through WSU, volunteering many hours in helping local communities with their plant friends.  She has a special passion for maintaining the connection of land and community.  She feels so fortunate to have a life where she can care for plants and animals, while enjoying the forests that surround the farm.  Michelle looks forward to working with her daughter to create a vibrant and nurturing food system for our local communities one seed at a time. 

Brittany Jones