Farmshare Week 17: Recipe Ideas

Wild Forks Farm Members!

We’re in the last few weeks of farmshares!

This week includes:

Salad Mix, Kale, Summer and Zucchini Squash, Red Onion, Yukon Gold and Red Potatoes, Garlic, Carrots & Cauliflower from Reaume Organic Farms.

A couple of my favorite ways to eat cauliflower is mashed and roasted!!

Last night I roasted potatoes, red onion, garlic, and squash at 425 degrees for about an hour. Topped with peanut sauce (peanut butter, hot water, soy sauce and crushed red pepper). You can make your peanut sauce to your desired consistency by adding less or more water. It was a hit with our Air BnB guests!

We’ll see you next week!

Brittany Jones