Farmshare Week 6: Recipes and Tips

It’s Week 6 of Farmshares!

This week includes: Purple sprouting broccoli (including broccoli leaves), garlic, sugar snap and snow peas, caraflex cabbage, fennel, rainbow swiss chard, bok choy, green onions, kale, basil, two varieties of lettuce, and a rosemary/sage/lemon thyme bundle.

Broccoli leaves can be eaten cut up raw in a salad, sauteed or steamed!!

The sage, thyme, and rosemary bundle would be great added to baked or roasted chicken. Also your calendula flower is also edible.

Fennel is amazing in Chicken Milanese - you can find the recipe here! It’s one of my favorite dishes.

And 15 Ways to Use Cabbage

Brittany Jones