Farmshare Week 5: Recipes and Tips

We are in week 5 of our farmshares, which means another monthly homemade item. Our candle maker created Lemon Verbena tea lights, a fresh scent to start summer off right!

You veggies this week include: Two heads of Caraflex Cabbage, Snow Peas, Sugar Snap Peas, Carrots, Bok Choy, Three Varieties of Lettuce, Green Onions, Fennel, Parsley, and Basil.


Caraflex Cabbage is an early cone-shaped cabbage. It’s great for coleslaw or stir fry. Keep it whole until you are ready to use it.

An easy way to prepare is cut in half (lengthwise) or in wedges. Brush with olive oil, salt and any herb of your choosing. Roast at 450 degrees. Flip half way through cooking. Top with fresh herbs and/or lemon!

Basil Store your basil in a glass of water filled up with a couple inches of water. Basil does better stored at room temperature rather than the fridge.

Brittany Jones