Farmshare Week 4: Recipes

Hello lovely members!

Week 4 of your farmshare includes: Sugar snap peas, spinach, bok choy, small bunch of kale, green onions, two lettuce varieties, carrots, rainbow swiss chard, bagged buttercrunch lettuce, dill, basil, and a thyme/parsley bundle.

One of our members created salmon spring rolls with her veggies and herbs last week! And used the peanut sauce from this recipe to dip in!

All of your herbs can get sprinkled on any salad - yum!

Swiss Chard: I took scrambled eggs and mixed in some herbs and veggies, and put directly on a swiss chard leaf and rolled up like a burrito for breakfast!

The flowers that get sprinkled in your box are edible - and they pretty up dishes.

If you have any recipes or dishes you’ve created, please feel free to share on our Facebook or Instagram page!

Back out into the field I go…

Brittany Jones